Welcome to our Blog

Glad you found your way to our Blog! Nice. We decided to engage with our friends, partners, customers through this medium and keep them all updated on what’s going on behind the doors of dabl3 - that is if you are interested.


Me and my wife operated retail stores and a restaurant several years ago and struggled to bring in foot traffic on slow days. Present day merchants face the same challenge that we faced. Ask any merchant and the answer resonates with our answer which is “it is a challenge to bring in consumers into the store on a slow day". It is a real issue merchant’s face.

To address our need we wanted to leverage Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Message service (MMS) to distribute coupons to our customers. This required for our business at a minimum to have the following:

  • Maintain customer phone numbers
  • Obtain a short code from Telco’s

Neither did we maintain customer phone numbers nor had budget to obtain a short code from telco's such as AT&T. Furthermore sms and mms adoption in US was not at its peak. Seeing the need we ventured on to bring into market a service under the name "Boomring" that would allow merchants to use SMS to distribute coupons. Unfortunately that idea was shelved back then despite we worked on an initial proof of concept.With me joining FI program and being the entrepreneur I am, and with many more options available present day to reach and engage with consumers now that almost every consumer carries a smart phone, realized it is about time to bring that Boomring out of the shelf. We wanted a name that is unique, that is catchy and is not old school, is memorable and short and after going through a naming exercise decided on "Dabl3"

It is under Dabl3 we will be offering apps for merchants and consumers. Dabl3 platform will enable merchants to create geo location based campaigns to reach target audience while setting the number of deals per campaign. Dabl3 then delivers these deals to consumer installed mobile apps based on consumer preferences using geo location and notification services resulting in immediate value for both consumers and merchants.

In the next few weeks we will publish posts detailing where we are with our site launch, app development, roadblocks etc. and look forward to connecting with our audience.