Spotlight: The Burgery Company

SPOTLIGHT: We would like to introduce to you one of our merchants, The Burgery Company! The Burgery Company has been established since January of 2010, tasked with the goal of creating a delicious menu based on specialty burgers. They offer the original Angus beef burger, along with over 10 other types of meat. Some of these include bison, elk, ostrich, turkey, chicken, pork, and fish, among others. Don’t fret, if you are vegetarian, they have options for you as well!

With The Burgery Company being one of our merchants, we teamed up with them to offer a free burger to those who sign up and create an account on Dabl3. This offer will only last for a couple months, so make sure you sign up, if you haven’t already! We spoke with a few of our consumers to get the inside scoop on their experience with using Dabl3.

Seth Workman of Allentown stated, “It was so easy to use the app to get my burger! I walked up to the counter, they scanned my phone and I had free food on my plate in no time. 10/10 would do it again.”

Dabl3 is thrilled that our users are enjoying the app so far. We have big plans for the future, and we hope you are along for the ride. In the meantime, stop by The Burgery and claim your free burger today!