GCP for Startups!

Graduating out of Funders Institute put in front of us Google Cloud for Startups. Once Founders Institute NYC Chapter forwarded our request to GCP for startups team , we were soon contacted and upon an initial interview and discussion , GCP for startups team approved our company and pointed out that we start the program when we are finally ready to go live so as to make the best use of credits .

After several sleepless nights , and hard working by our entire team we finally pulled the plug and initiated our GCP for Startup credits. I am sure we will not be live for yet another month and half but it will give us enough time to plan out our scalable architecture and be ready when we really see that traffic coming in ....

Prior to GCP , we signed up for GCP trial which got us 300$ in credit that allowed us to experiment with compute engines and I should say it was pretty good , with all the web based ssh and one cloud console to manage everything - Sure I am convinced we will have a good experience.

This is one perk that love the most from Founders Institute!!!