Founders Night at Columbia Business School

It was in one of those usual Founders Institute's monthly meetings , James Liao one of the mentors mentioned about the Founders Night at Columbia Business school and the opportunity to pitch to get feedback and practice pitching. What an opportunity I thought to myself and signed up to participate.

James made it clear that the pitch is targeted for MBA students, professors and some angel investors who might be present in the audience and the goal was to provide opportunity to Columbia MBA students who are interested in working with Startups and that he will screen the decks and will provide any feedback for the Founders Night.

Thanks to Founders Institute , Dabl3 pitch deck was ready and it was not long before I pulled some slides and updated a few to make it ready for the event. James was kind enough to provide some feedback and before I knew it was the pitch Night.

Here I am pitching at Columbia Business School.

Glad I received quite a few questions regarding traction , revenue model , competition and overall I think Dabl3 was received well by audience.