Experience at Founders Institute

Days and weeks passed so quick , the day has come, I am graduating out of FI , NY.

I have been following Founders Institute for a few years now. As an early member of Thefunded.com I made valuable connections and gained from the entrepreneur community. The only reason I wanted to join FI back then was to gain and to get plugged into the entrepreneur community and build the network. I joined FI with the same intention this year, I am glad I did join despite the equity contribution, time commitments and other factors that made me think otherwise

Finally this week I am graduating out of the FI program and all I can say at this point is it was a great experience. I got to mingle with likeminded high energy founders, serial entrepreneurs, meet angel investors, hear their experiences and most of all their feedback and perspective on my business idea

FI in simple terms brings order to an otherwise chaotic and unstructured tasks/process that an entrepreneur has to complete or take care of. FI’s emphasis on customer development and viable idea has led me to talk to real customers and sign them prior to taking our product and platform to the market. Hot Seats at FI not only allowed me to pitch Dabl3 to anyone with ease but with confidence. Working with other founders in a working group allowed us to share feedback on each other’s business ideas and revenue models. From ideation , legal , and customer development topics to fund raising topics FI has covered most of what an entrepreneur needs and best of all each founder from the program is graduating with a legally registered business entity backed by reputable law firms and teams. I am glad I was part of FI NY cohort this spring.